Children's Ministry

Leader: Jon Williams

A dying church is a church that places no priority on children.   At Coteau Baptist we seek to raise up our children in the way that God would have them go.  This means teaching them His word at every opportunity.  We believe that changing times don’t always dictate that we throw out the things that have worked in the past. The knowledge of scripture is universal and timeless.  

Our children are taught to memorize scripture. They are learning the books of the Bible, the Ten Commandments, and other significant truths found in the Word of God.  Each year they experience summer camp where they learn what worship really is and have fun doing it. In addition Our church is known for hosting one of the best VBS opportunities in Terrebonne and the surrounding parishes.   

Over the past few generations churches as a whole has dropped the ball little by little when it comes to teaching the Bible to kids. We are doing our part to pick it back up. 

Sundays: Sunday School Classes @ 11AM

Wednesdays: TeamKid and Bible Drills @ 6:15PM


*All volunteers have completed child safety training and are nationally background checked*